February 7, 2019 How I lit this image (CSPs share their best work)

How I lit this image

February 2019 

CSP in Amsterdam, Giulia explains how she beautifully lit this image during Danai & Zhen GGT3 (Danai is on the right in these images). 


I bounced two flash heads towards the opposite corners of the same white wall*: A towards the ceiling while B towards the wall, much below the ceiling as my subjects were kneeling on the rug.

Therefore the subjects were illuminated by the light bouncing off the wall.

The biggest amount of light was coming from the balcony windows (natural light source), seen behind Danai’s head,  which gave great silhouette light on the model’s bodies, and the flash head ‘A’, was used to compensate on the opposite side of the subjects.

I used the light coming from flash head ‘B’ to fill in the darker corner of the scene. It worked as a light box as a diffuser.

This way I did not lose any details of the curtain and the natural light coming from the balcony but, instead it highlighted the texture of the models.

It is very important to test this setting and to adjust the intensity of A and B flash heads. For this specific case B intensity is reduced in compared to A’s intensity.

* Ensure the surface which your flash heads bounce off is pure white or light grey. Otherwise, the colour of the wall will tint the resultant image!

Giulia (CSP in Amsterdam) 

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