SDLP’s (Self-directed Learning Packages) on this page relate to HR in our organisation. Typically, they only apply to full-time employees, not Contract Shooters.

  • Recruiting and employing new staff – the process to ensure we select the best person for the role.
  • New employee roll-up – the process to set up new employees to have all they need to do their job.
    • Inductions – our approach to inductions, that is, providing training on how our company works.
    • Principles of Professionalism – a set of 10 Principles we all work by.
    • Principles of Accounting – a set of 14 principles for any staff who work in or interact with the accounting department.
    • Introduction to DDL’s – How we manage processes in our business.
  • Performance Reviews – How an employee’s performance is assessor by their peers and manager, and how employees assess their managers.
  • Departing employee roll-down – process for dealing with an exiting employee.
  • PDB (Profile Database) – how to use our relationship-management software.

This is an incomplete list.






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