July 3, 2017 Induction 02: AW Paradigm

The abbywinters.com paradigm refers to the world models inhabit in our shoots. Managing our paradigm carefully is part of how we’re able to stay in business.

Download the Workbook (25 page PDF, 1.49Mb), print double-sided in B&W. As before, as you watch the lesson, fill in the blank parts in the printed version, and add your own notes. of course, it’s no problem to pause or rewind.

AW Paradigm SDLP video

Size: 36’22”. 101Mb.

AW Paradigm assignment

Download this Assignment template (MS Word, 15Kb, 2 pages), and complete it. Instructions for what’s required are in the doc.

When complete, email the completed assignment to your Trainer.

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