August 8, 2013 Intimate Moments – DIM assessment 07 Models talking

What models in a DIM discuss is critical to the success of a the DIM shoot – customers never get to experience young women talking about this stuff! This SDLP describes this assessment area.

Workbook: Download this 8 page (137 Kb) PDF, print in B&W, and complete the blank spaces while watching the video.

Models talking

Size: 22Mb, 10’52”

Review the DIM shoot of Gia and Lotte (as of August 8 2013, this shoot has not yet been released, it will be shortly; access it from Lotte’s model page). This is excellent talking, and would be assessed as Note how Gia draws out the questioning of the much younger Lotte – you can see where she’s going, but it seems like Lotte is “just chatting”, whereas Gia is “thrilled by the chase” of this young woman’s lifestyle. As a shoot producer, how could you prepare models to have a conversation like this? How would you assess this shoot on the 1 to 5 scale? Let your Trainer know.


Review two recent DIM shoots, not two used for another assignment. Ensure they have at least one minute of talking between the models. Listen to the talking, and assess it on the 1 to 5 scale provided. Identify subjects spoken about that are bad, and why they are bad.

Pass text and URL to Trainer for review.

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