August 5, 2013 Intimate Moments – Overview

This overview of Intimate Moments explains the differences between video masturbation IM shoots between each other, and other shoot types on the site. Part 2 has a video on managing the audio setup for IM shoots.

Workbook: Download this 22 page (385Kb) PDF file, print in B&W, and add your notes int he spaces provided.

Intimate Moments Overview: Part 1

Size: 152Mb, 26’16”

Intimate Moments Overview: Part 2 (audio setup)

A video of Garion demonstrating the audio setup for an IM shoot.

Size: 176Mb, 14’06”

Intimate Moments Overview: Part 3

Size: 37Mb, 12’49”

Intimate Moments Overview Assignment

On the site, watch one SIM shoot, and one DIM shoot, released in the last year.

Wear your “customer hat” (do not specific assessment areas at this stage). Write a paragraph on what was good and bad about each. Be honest, no need to be polite!

Submit to Trainer.


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