August 6, 2013 Intimate Moments – SIM assessment 01 Vantage point

The vantage point from which we see models in video masturbation shoots is critical to their success. This SDLP describes the assessment area, and shows some examples.

Workbook: Download this 8 page (152 Kb) PDF, print in B&W, and complete the blank spaces while watching the video.

Vantage Point

Size: 185Mb, 19’06”


Select one SIM and one DIM released on the website in the last year. Scrub through them, and assess for Vantage Point (using the 1 to 5 scale in Workbook).

Write what is good, what was bad, and how it could have been improved. Consider the model was masturbating to orgasm, so expecting the her to remember small details is unreasonable.

Nominate URL of scene, and provide analysis to Trainer.

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