Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments (IM) shoots show one or two models masturbating to orgasm. These are produced in a specific way, to meet the paradigm, and our customers needs. Unlinked items are yet to have SDLP’s created.

Intimate Moments Overview

  • Intimate Moments Overview: An explanation of what makes Single and Double IM shoots good, special considerations for the common technical assessment areas that apply, and a section on setting up microphones for IM shoots.

Solo Intimate Moments  Assessment areas

There are nine SIM assessment areas:

Summary of SIM assessment areas: Download this 2 page (47 Kb) PDF summarising the 1 to 5 assessments for SIM shoots. Keep this handy in your work area.

Double Intimate Moments  Assessment areas

There are 9 DIM assessment areas, five of which are the same as for SIM’s (shown greyed out).

  • Vantage Point: (common for SIM and DIM shoots) The position of the camera and the model in the frame.
  • Variety and specificity: (common for SIM and DIM shoots) How well time of day, location and back-story are shown visually, to make the shoot more unique.
  • Model position in frame: How the models are organised within the frame, to facilitate interaction and display their technique.
  • Model engaged: (common for SIM and DIM shoots) How the models.
  • Real orgasms: (common for SIM and DIM shoots) IM shoots must show real orgasms. How to detect fake ones, and what to do about it.
  • Models talking: What models discuss during the shoot.
  • Models looking at each other while masturbating: Ensuring models are engaged in their partner.
  • Models touching: How models touch each other during the scene.
  • Afterglow captured: (common for SIM and DIM shoots) Showing models enjoying the relaxy time after orgasm.

Summary of DIM assessment areas: Download this 2 page (42 Kb) PDF summarising the 1 to 5 assessments for DIM shoots. Keep this handy in your work area.

Intimate Moment shoot planning

As for solo shoots, SIM and DIM shoots must be carefully prepared for, using these templates. They have prompters for each of the relevant assessment areas. Submit the completed template in the post shoot documentation, as for solo shoots.

SIM shoot plan template.

DIM shoot plan template.

Final assignment

Select one SIM and one DIM, released in the last year, but not used for an assignment or as a sample in any of the SDLP’s. Assess them on all the relevant assessment areas (using the two-page summary IM assessment area PDF’s, linked above), noting:

  • The shoot URL
  • The assessment area
  • The numeric assessment for this area (1 to 5)
  • Notes justifying why your assessment was the way it was

Pass the completed notes to your Trainer for review.

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