August 29, 2014 Introduction to Detailed Duties Lists

Detailed Duties Lists (or, DDL’s) are MS Word documents that record the detailed steps of many processes in the business. DDL’s are used in specific ways.

Workbook: Download this 33 page  (7.8Mb) PDF workbook, and add notes in the spaces provided as the presenter talks.

Part 1

Size: 49.9Mb, 21’16”


Consider checklists you have used or created in the past. What did they all have in common? Of course, basically, they are a list of things to do. But what else did they have in common?

Secondly, consider what are the deficiencies of checklists? One example is they often canot handle “outliers” or “edge cases”, when something unusual happens.

Write notes – bullet-points, or paragraph text as you prefer – and email them to your trainer.

Part 2

Size: 40.6Mb, 19’34”.


Have a conversation with another person in the company: select a person from the Production Post Production, Management, or support departments (not web development). You might need to introduce yourself (though, everyone will know who you are). Ask them if they have a few minutes, then ask, “What do DDL’s mean to you?”. Question them closely about their answer. It’s fine if someone nearby wants to participate as well.

Email your trainer a summary of what you heard, and who you spoke with, then proceed on with the next video in this SDLP.

Part 3

Size: 120 Mb, 49’19”


Ask your Trainer for a key DDL in your department (or, your Trainer may have assigned you one already). Read through it thoroughly, and Suggestions mode and Comments in Google Docs to mark areas that are unclear to you.

Have a discussion with your Trainer about these areas – they may be areas the DDL could be improved.



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