November 9, 2018 Know someone who might want to model with us? Advert Text

While we actively advertise for models for CSPs to work with, we also encourage CSPs to put feelers out their end, as they know their local community.

CSPs can send prospective models to our model recruitment site, and encourage them to apply. Ask the applicant to list the CSP’s name email address in the “How did you hear about us?” field, so we can be sure to send you a referral fee when this model makes a shoot.

We pay between €100 and €300 for each model that is referred, that we shoot. We pay the higher rate for models who are exactly what we’re seeking. Learn more on our model referrer site – if you plan to refer models regularly, register an account there, so you can track your referrals.

We have some ideas on placing ads for models.

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