June 2, 2015 Lighting 101 in-brief

Lighting for form and texture ensures customers can see everything they want. This simple SDLP describes two practical techniques, that when combined, reliably deliver ideal light.

Special warning to English-Second-Language speakers

Some languages (Polish and Catalan, at least) swap the English definitions for Aperture and Shutter speed, which can make things really confusing! In English:

  • Aperture: The size of the hole that lets light in. Measured in f-stops. Eg, f2.8, f11. On Wikipedia.
  • Shutter speed: How long the “film” (or, digital sensor) is exposed to light for. Measured in time, usually fractions, eg, 1/250th (for, one 250th of a second). On Wikipedia.

Please always use the English terms when working with abbywinters.com.

Lighting 101 in-brief

Size: 124Mb; 36’13”

Lighting 101 Fact sheet

Lighting 101 fact-sheet. PDF, 1.1Mb.

Download, print in colour single-sided and review the one-page PDF fact sheets regarding Lighting 101. We recommend collecting all fact sheets into a binder to have on-set for quick reference (do not make this available to models).

Lighting practicum

Make one single image and a 20-second video of a human (fully clothed, of any age or gender) lit in abbywinters.com style.

  • If you have questions about our lighting style, get answers first
  • The image must be portrait-oriented and full-body for stills
  • Framing must be knees-up for video
  • Shoot stills at f8, ISO 100 (as is standard for AW shoots)
  • Shoot video at f8, 0dB of gain (as is standard for AW shoots)
  • Use the lighting equipment you’d use for an abbywinters.com shoot – it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use natural light in real AW shoots
  • Be correctly exposed, white-balanced, focussed, and for video have camera on a tripod

No post production is necessary. Provide one single image, and one ~20-second video to your Trainer.

If the results don’t meet our standards, we’ll provide feedback, and you may need to re-shoot the stills or video (or both).

Once we have assessed your work, the media will be destroyed, so no Release is required for the model.

Lighting 101 Athena quiz

Log in to Athena and pass the two Lighting 101 quizzes.

  1. Identify quality of lighting in selected images
  2. Discuss the lighting in these three shoots

Continue when the brilliant Lighting 101 badge is earned. Contact your Trainer to organise access to Athena, if not already provided.



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