June 12, 2013 Location and environment

WARNING: This page is the in-depth version – most likely, you want the in-brief version, linked from The Essentials page. This version is much more work and more detailed than is necessary for most users. Only proceed on this in-depth page if you have specifically been directed to the in-depth version (rare).

The environments models appear in in shoots provides many cues as to the model’s life, style and personality. In this SDLP’s, we describe how and why we make location and environment selections.

This SDLP has “in-brief” (~30 minutes + 45 minutes for Quiz) and this, the “in-depth” (~3 hours) versions.

Location and environment in-depth

Workbook: Download this 56 page PDF (2 Mb), print in colour, single-sided, and use it to take lots of notes on while watching the video.

Size: 60Mb, 1h 16m.

Location and environment assignment

Use the worksheet (WORKSHEET_locations_and_environment_selection_v2.1.doc, MS Word 2010 format) to assess these five solo shoots from abbywinters.com. Consider the stills and video, but it’s not necessary to watch the video in real-time – just scrub through it).

More details for completion of this assignment are in the doc itself.

Submit your completed assignment to your Trainer, who will assess it and provide feedback.

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