June 12, 2013 Model recruitment

To ensure a constant inflow of new models, we advertise using various methods. All methods direct candidates to www.femalephotofun.com.

Read all pages on this site now (with special attention to the FAQ), and contact your trainer with questions or feedback you have.

When your training has completed (or a bit before), we’ll start advertising for models in your city, using tools we are familiar with and know to work well. However, there’s also room for you to advertise for models in your city – being your city, we figure you’ll know much better than us where ideal places might be.

If you wish to do this (it’s not required, but will likely generate more work for you), we’ll provide a kit of info you need – text for classified ads, and cards to hand out to prospective models.

All ads placed (by you or us) for models redirects them to www.femalephotofun.com, where they send an application. We’ll do an Info Session with them (where they learn more about the risks and benefits of participating, and we gather info and images of them), assess her for suitability, then book her for a shoot with you. You set the date, time and place with her, and you can access all the info we have gathered about her, to help you prepare for the shoot.

If you have no questions, let your Trainer know you have read it all. You can move on to the next SDLP (Self-Directed Learning Package).

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