June 2, 2015 Must-haves in-brief

Must-haves are a series of shots that, without exception, our customers demand to be  captured of every model. Our constomers consider these to be obvious! We call these “must haves” (not “maybe-haves” or “sometimes haves”!), they comprise an assessment item in the Technical areas of shoots.

Must-haves in-brief

Size: 72Mb; 26’07”

Not required, but at your leisure, review the Neutral full-body Standing Nude SDLP and bum-and-face and HWR SDLP.

The customer-facing fetish page for NFBSN, we can see some older shoots had a “looser” interpretation of the spec.

Must-haves for video

This short video provides a few examples of each video must-have. These are short examples, the actual shots should be woven in to the shoot-proper, and typically last longer than these examples.

Size: 183Mb; 6’30”

Technique for capturing still image CU’s

This is using the Canon 500D, screw-on attachment (we use and recommend this at HQ). Other attachments work similarly.

  • Attach close-up lens; zoom fully in
  • Get so close, focus cannot be obtained (around 50mm from subject)
  • Slowly pull back, half-press / let go, half-press / let go, attempting to lock focus  on relevant area, while moving back small distances
  • As soon as focus can be locked, stop moving away from subject
  • Move a little closer again, attempt to lock focus, to see if framing can be closer and still be in focus
  • Back out very slowly, continue attempting focus-lock, so camera is as close as possible to subject, with area of interest in focus
  • Capture frame

Take Must-haves Athena quiz


Must-haves badge.

Log in to Athena and pass the two Must-Haves quizes.

  1. Must-haves Stills
  2. Must-haves Video

Continue when the prized Must Haves badge is earned.

Print Must-haves fact sheet

Posing Level fact-sheets. PDF, 1.8Mb.

Download, print in colour single-sided and review the two-page PDF fact sheets regarding Must Haves (one for each level). We recommend collecting all fact sheets into a binder to have on-set for quick reference (do not make this available to models).

Construct Must-Haves flip-book

Print this 4.2Mb (6 page) flip-book PDF single sided in high-quality colour, cut out each cell into a small rectangle, place them in the correct order, and bind them with two staples. This forms a handy pocket-sized flip book, to be taken out on set and referred to as necessary – great to keep in your camera-bag.

2015-06-02 19.53.06

Print Must-Haves checklist

You may choose to wait until your first shoot for this, but this checklist is handy to have on-set when making you first few solo shoots, as you learn the order. There’s a place to mark off when the must-have is captured for stills, and again for video.

Must-Haves Checklist (1 page, 60Kb PDF)

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