June 18, 2013 Must-haves

WARNING: This page is the in-depth version – most likely, you want the in-brief version, linked from The Essentials page. This version is much more work and more detailed than is necessary for most users. Only proceed on this in-depth page if you have specifically been directed to the in-depth version (rare).

Must-haves are a series of shots that, without exception, our customers demand to be  captured of every model. Our constomers consider these to be obvious! We call these “must haves” (not “maybe-haves” or “sometimes haves”!), they comprise an assessment item in the Technical areas of shoots.

This SDLP has the “in-brief” (~30 minutes + 30 minutes for Quiz) and this, the “in-depth” (~3 hours) versions.

Must-haves in-depth

Workbook: Download this 12Mb (67 page) PDF workbook, print in colour, double-sided, and use it to take notes as you watch the videos.

Must haves, Part 1

44.1Mb, 32m49s.

Must haves, Part 2

39.3Mb, 30m15s.

Must haves, Part 3

42.5Mb, 31m56s.

Must haves, Part 4

28.6Mb, 23m21s.

Must haves, Part 5

58.4Mb, 43m56s

Make flip-book

Print this 4.2Mb (6 page) flip-book PDF single sided in high-quality colour, cut out each cell into a small rectangle, place them in the correct order, and bind them with two staples. This forms a handy pocket-sized flip book, to be taken out on set and referred to as necessary – great to keep in your camera-bag.


Must Haves: Assignment

Download the Must haves assignment worksheet (MS Word, 16Kb, 3 pages). Read the instructions on the first page, and assess the nominated shoots for Must-haves.

Before submitting, re-read the instructions on the first page. Pass your completed work to the Trainer for review, with a meaningful email subject.

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