July 19, 2013 No nude posing level in-depth

WARNING: This page is the in-depth version – most likely, you want the in-brief version, linked from The Essentials page. This version is much more work and more detailed than is necessary for most users. Only proceed on this in-depth page if you have specifically been directed to the in-depth version (rare).

As discussed in the Posing Levels SDLP, the No-nude is an additional level “below” the nude-only posing level, where models are not “technically” nude.

This SDLP has “in-brief” (~25 minutes + ~30 minutes for Quiz) and this, the “in-depth” (~2.5 hours) versions.

No nude in-depth

Pre-requisite assignment

Before reviewing the presentation video, you must do some real-world research (not on the internet!). Speak to two men about what they find sexy about women who do not wear much clothing.

  • Ask one man about what they find sexy about women in bikinis at the beach.
  • Ask another man what they find sexy about women in short-shorts and singlet tops.

Be careful to avoid making assumptions. Question them closely and deeply. Take notes on what they say. There’s a few rules:

  • You cannot ask an abbywinters.com staff member, or anyone in the adult industry
  • You cannot ask your partner, or a family member
  • The men must be 16 years or older
  • You must ask probing questions, to find your subject’s true intent

It’s best to speak to the men one-on-one, so there’s no “showboating” for onlookers, and definitely do not talk to both men together: you want distinctive individual answers. Don’t accept answers such as “I like women for their mind” – we’re looking for a more base, animal answer than that! However, “Phowar!” is not much use either – get past that, and find the why.

Read the Wikipedia article on root-cause analysis, the 5 Why’s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_Whys.  While this system is designed for fault-finding, the key is to encourage you to avoid assumptions and logic traps, and instead trace the underlying reasoning.

Email your notes to the trainer, before watching the screencast below.


Workbook for part 1: Download this 30 page (1.1Mb) PDF workbook, print in colour, and use it to take notes in, while watching the video.

No-nude posing level Part 1

Size: 93.1Mb, 30’08”

No-nude posing level Part 2

Size: 173Mb, 34’13”

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 MS Word doc: Download this 20-page (4.9Mb) MS Word doc of 20 images, with spaces to answer the questions.

Type answers directly into the MS Word doc (do not print it and hand-write notes). Describe:

  1. Is it no-nude? What sub-level?
  2. If not no-nude, what could be done to make it so?
  3. If no-nude, how could it be pushed harder?
  4. How was this engineered (as is)?

Assignment 3

From the images in the doc in Assignment 2, make a top-5 list of the most provocative images, describe why, place into a separate doc. Include the images in the doc.

Pass all completed docs to Trainer.

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