It’s that time of year again, time to look back and reflect on all the amazing beauty and pleasure Abby Winters brought to us over the past twelve months. As I’ve done for the best several years (here is last year’s post, which has links to previous years), I’ve channeled my amazement at the sheer wealth of sexiness on AW into a post celebrating the 2018 work of all the delightful models and shooters and staff. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite highlights of the year, with the caveat that everything on the site is so wonderful that even in this veritable novel of a post, I can’t possibly write about everything I loved. So feel free to share your favorite moments below!

Tantalizing newcomers: Sunday is always a banner day in Abbyland, as we get to warmly welcome a lovable new model to this special community. This year saw an incredible abundance of new pretty new girls, some of whom took the plunge and did heaps of shoots soon after and others who have done only one or two so far, but left us dreaming of their return some day. The latter category includes exquisitely sweet Mary J with her breathtaking curves, sultry and adorable Tilly B frolicking with kangaroos in the Aussie forest, ultra-spunky firecracker Martina E, classically beautiful Violet R, Polina, and Celine, and delightfully cute Brina, Gemma B and Fabiana and too many more wonderful people who lit up the screen than I can count. After I’d drafted this list, Zina B, Leire and Maddie appeared and immediately captured spots on my favorites lists. Here’s hoping all these girls can grace our screens again someday!

Thrilling returns: All the amazing newcomers ensure a bright and sexy future for AW, but it’s always a joy to look to the past and welcome back models who we haven’t seen in a few years for new adventures. That’s become a excitingly frequent occurrence in recent years: reconnecting with so many special ladies, including from back in the Australia days, has warmed my heart. This year’s class of returning veterans is led by delightful Kara-Lee, gracing the site for the first time since 2009 (!) and looking as pretty as ever with her sparkling smile. Sexy Tahlia J and Juliette M made their first appearances since 2014, while friendly and warmhearted Rosie B came back after three years, as did gracefully pretty Cristina R, who brought along her handsome boyfriend Matthew for a explosively sexy shoot, while boards posting queen Andreea shared her dazzling curves and sweet personality with us for the first time in two years. I hope these shoots might serve as inspiration for other lovely ladies from the past to visit again!

AW Hall of Fame inductees: the Hall exists only in my mind to celebrate models who’ve contributed the absolute most sexiness to AW, and the exalted ranks of Chloe B, Cleo, Masie, Nichole, Misha, Mila and Bobbie were joined this year by Abby megastars Juliana and Hania. Bolstered by their role as the charming, fun-loving hosts of the delightful guest direction shoots, these two gorgeous, blonde Amsterdam-dwelling friends have now starred, as I type this, in 69 shoots (seriously!) between them, which tells you everything you need to know about how much they love AW, and we love them. They were also able to spend some quality time together in bed this year for an amazing girl-girl that ended with Juliana brushing away tears of joy as Hania cuddled her in the afterglow. Thank you both so much for everything you do, girls!

Special events: AW does so many things so well that there’s often no need to mix up the formula, but it’s always exciting when it happens, as it did in a few unique shoots this year. 1) Real-life GG couple: In what I believe is only the fourth time in AW history, we got a girl-girl were the models are dating in real life in Olga and Sonya, and it was a privilege to share their beautiful love. Even models who have never met have some hot chemistry in girl-girls, but it’s especially exciting to see two girls who truly care for each other and know exactly what their partner needs in bed. Olga and Sonya both looked so happy to be giving pleasure to their sweet girlfriend and it’s so lovely of them to invite us into their bedroom. 2) Kinky GB action: Cherished legend Juliana became the first model ever to shoot two AW girl-boys when she paired up with her hot new partner Adam (who’d previously appeared on here with Livia: lucky guy!). Their shoot was rougher, wetter and kinkier than many GBs, and it was exhilarating to see the connection between two sexy people with extraordinarily high sex drives. 3) Kissing orgy: On the opposite end of the intensity spectrum, but no less erotic, was the sweetly gentle fantasy of Swishing Girls, as five beautiful models exchanged cute clothes and even cuter naked cuddles and kisses. I have to imagine that if there is a heaven, part of it must resemble this shoot, with adorable friends celebrating their beauty by holding each other close and kissing all over. Although they were limited to kissing here, some of the girls got to pair up to go further in forthcoming GGs, which will no doubt have an extra-special sparkle.

Playdate memories: Camming with the models is so lovely that it can seem miraculous, and it’s so nice to be welcomed into their homes. You can’t revisit these moments yourself now, but it was dazzling to see Emma B model her Halloween costume ideas (skintight Spider-Man suit and a Mario hat with nothing else ), watch Sarah A pick out her top girl-girl partner ideas based on our suggestions, and hear all about our dear Nichole’s fascinating and important work as a sex worker activist. But my top moment was an interlude where, for unknown reasons, the only people in the public chat with Alina for a while were Masie and I. Her naughty mind in full flower, Masie began fantasizing about us having a threesome together and what she and I could do to pleasure Alina, who loved the attention. It was a perfect fantasy with two of my favorite people.

Message board magic: Sometimes I think the boards might be my favorite part of AW: chatting to the models and telling them how much I admire their work makes me so happy. We all had a chance to connect with so many models on here this year, including many who devoted themselves to sharing lots and lots of sexy photos. Ellie B posted beautiful shots of her wedding to her sweet boy-girl partner Peter, while Nichole, Kayla J, Irene A, Rose K, Andreea, and Hania have been especially prolific in posting wonderful selfies. I think darling Valeria may be this year’s board champion: day after day, she clearly cannot get enough of teasing us by sharing semi-nude photos and offering to show more if we ask nicely (hehe): it’s thrilling and sexy and cute and I just adore her. Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the AW trivia games and list of girl-girl first timers that I created on the boards! Speaking of which…

Girl-girl virgins: I’ve said it before, but there’s nothing sexier for me than seeing a beautiful model have her first-ever sexual experience with a woman, and no less than four special girls shared this life-changing moment with us this year. Magically pretty Kayla J was guided by her sweet “teacher” Layla K, who also welcomed cute Chen into the wonders of girl-loving. Elfin beauty Marina T sweetly conquered her nerves to ravish and be ravished by sultry Alexandra, while my dear Valeria’s sheer delight at the sexy new sensations she shared with Madelaine melted my heart. Several of the first-timers happily discussed their new experience on the boards, and all of them have since returned for more girl-girls, the best evidence possible that they adored expanding their sexual horizons. I’m so glad AW gave them all a welcoming, supportive place to explore their sexuality.

Epic girl-girls: It’s not like seeing pretty girls having sex is any less exciting when they’ve done it before, of course, and I can (and do!) post an astonishing number of words on here about how much I love the girl-girl shoots, this year and every year. The tenderness, passion, dazzling beauty and exquisite pleasure in each shoot always leaves me in awe, but here are a just a few words about some shoots that most captured my imagination this year. Impossibly cute Aussie Kate G made the most of her visit to Europe with four thrilling girl-girls, including introducing Lucie to light bondage and indulging in a sexual feast with Alba. Roslin made the long trip from Canada to star in a raft of ultra-hot shoots with Emilia and more: her passion is electrifying. Graceful, elegant ballet dancer Abigail M glows with lust whenever she appears and the pleasure she shared with Juliana, Valeria and others was enthralling. Sultry Italian Alessia has curves to die for and her orgasms carry the intensity of a lightning bolt, especially in the shoot with Adriana E. Luciana’s mischievous smile is captivating and her pure love of sex shines brightly in shoots with Madelaine and Daniela D.

One shoot in particular stands out for me as the height of 2018 AW sexiness: my love of redheads and sweet chemistry made Emma B and Sondrine’s shoot an absolute treasure. Emma is so amazingly cute, friendly, charming and passionate and I feel like I’m walking on air whenever I see her. And gorgeous Sondrine is very, very special to me for reasons I shall keep to myself, other than to say that her wild, bouncing red curls and sweetly sensual personality make her the girl next door girl of my dreams. Just thinking about Emma and Sondrine’s perfectly pretty faces causes me to float off in dreamy contemplation, and seeing them make love to each other took my breath away. Emma and Sondrine became close friends after their shoot, continuing to play together on-camera on another site and off-camera at Emma’s home in Norway (during a recent playdate, Emma modeled some panties Sondrine gave her during that visit while sighing, “Sondrine is just one my favorite people.”) Knowing about their connection makes the video extra-special, as the girls meet, hit it off while reading Roald Dahl stories and share luxuriously caring and meaningful pleasure. It’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.

As always, I’ve written way more here than I can possibly imagine anyone reading (but thank you if you do!), and yet I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. To conclude, I’ll reiterate the obvious: I adore Abby Winters and all the wonderful people who put it together very, very much. Thank you for absolutely everything and I can’t wait to see the treats in store for 2019!