May 29, 2015 Paperwork and ID in-brief

Paperwork and ID – perhaps boring to learn about, but essential to staying in business. Contract Shooters are not paid unless all paperwork and ID requirements are met perfectly and without exception. Luckily, it’s not that hard, and this video has all the info needed.

Paperwork and ID in-brief

Size: 24′ 02″


In October 2016, we launched a web app for smartphones, Homonoia, to manage shoot paperwork (Release, Contract, ID capture, STI risk agreement, Safety form) on-set. This reduces work for Shoot producers and models on-set, and reduces errors on paperwork.

Paper forms are kept on-hand as a backup, but the expectation is that all shoots “paperwork” will be managed within Homonoia (except hand-written bios – they will remain on paper). Later in the learning process is an SDLP for operating Homonoia. All the principles in the above SDLP still apply.

Paperwork and ID Athena quiz

Checklist for paperwork quality: Download this 70Kb (2 page) PDF checklist. Have a copy handy for checking the quality of paperwork in the Athena Quiz.

Log in to Athena and pass the Paperwork and ID quiz, identifying issues with several documents.

Continue when the fantastic Paperwork and ID badge is earned. Contact your Trainer to organise access to Athena.


Paperwork and ID badge


Paperwork and ID fact sheet

Paperwork and ID fact-sheet. PDF, 629Kb.

Download, print in colour single-sided and review the one-page PDF fact sheet regarding Paperwork and ID. We recommend collecting all fact sheets into a binder to have on-set for quick reference (do not make this available to models).

Paperwork and ID practical test

As if you were a model, complete a model release form (119Kb, 8 pages). Print the form, hand-write in the appropriate fields, including Office Use Only sections (you’re the Shoot Producer, as well). Use your real name, signature, address and similar, but where necessary, use this data:

  • Sitename: Maryjane
  • Shoot code: Solo S&V EXP
  • PPCMSID: 99999
  • Payment amount: €350

Scan the resulting completed form as a multi-page PDF (ie, all in one file).

Make a scan that meets our requirements of your Primary ID.

In Athena, submit a simple “Junk” response to the Prac questionset for Paperwork and ID Prac placeholder, so your Trainer can set that to a “Pass”, and you’ll get the badge for Paperwork and ID!

Submit the completed PDF and ID file to your Trainer.


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