November 6, 2018 Picture of the Month

February 2019

Above: Anais V Production Coordinator Izabela selected this image as Picture Of the Month.

CSP Ursula did an awesome job on this shoot! I selected this photograph as it has several elements which make a very sexy and appealing image.

The position of Anais V body is very well directed, she has her butt pushed out and her back is extended. This helps to emphasis the curve of her buttocks. If a model does not push her buttocks back, they can appear less flattering and sexy. The butt looks then a bit flat and the round curves make the viewer want to reach out and touch it. Buttocks are often compared to fruit, for example ‘a peachy bum’, in this image, the models buttocks do resemble ripe, round fruit, something you might want to bite into!

The position of the camera, with the Shoot Producer being square-on to the model but also a little lower, ensures the  WHOLE of the exposed buttocks are visible (and a tantalizing glimpse of where her vulva would be visible), again this helps to create ‘circular’ shapes on her buttocks, further emphasizing her curves.  

The Shoot Producer has used clothing very well. Having the shortie-shorts rolled up, again emphasises the shape of her buttocks and is also very sexual – these shorts were not designed to be worn this way, the model has intentionally pulled them up to show off her bottom (the very definition of the “Clothing USE” assessment area!).  

Lighting and exposure are managed very well, customers can see the goosebumps on her skin, helping customers to further imagine what the texture of the model’s skin might feel like to touch.

Shooting outdoors adds an extra flavor to the shoot – seeing models in nature is very on-paradigm!

The use of the natural light is excellent and in this particular shot, we can see delicate highlights on the right thigh of the model. The highlights are not too much but enough to create a good light situation that emphasizes the texture of the model’s skin, while at the same time demonstrating the form of her thighs and buttocks.  


This is an excellent shot in many ways, but everything can be improved! If I were able to recreate this shot (though not sure if I would do in half as good as Ursula did), I would…

  • Show just a little tiny glimpse of the underwear … only a tiny bit, for that extra bit of tease
  • Directed the model to have her feet and knees together
  • Tilt the camera down a little – less of her back, and more of her thighs – they start coming in to the centre again – more feminine curves = better!
  • A reflector board to bounce some light on to the crotch of her shorts – they are appealingly lodged in her labial cleft, and seeing more detail here would be good
  • Having no over-exposed sky in frame – just green leaves

Production Coordinator, Izabela 

November 2018

ABOVE: Claudia V . Production Coordinator Izabela selected this image as Picture of the Month..

This image has truly captured the essence of summer! George did a great job with this image!

The contrasting colors are awesome. The redness of the watermelon goes well with the pastel blues behind,  which is one of the favorite colors of abbywinters (along with green).

The bikini tan-lines (a much loved fetish by customers), also add to that feeling of  summer and all the nostalgic feelings of summers passed.

The model looks happy and wholesome, the real girl-next-door enjoying summer.

Whenever the situation allows, we encourage shooting outdoors, it is a key part of our paradigm and something the website is always in need of. 

PC – Izabela 

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