July 24, 2015 Pose variety and exploration depth at highest level

Shoots are more textured, interesting and valuable if we can see the model demonstrate her physicality in many different ways. This is the most heavily-weighted assessment area for solo shoots: it’s the most important thing to do!

Prepare: The assignment for this assessment area requires access to the CD Visual Diary, a collection of inspirational images maintained by the Creative Director of abbywinters.com.

Contact the Creative Director on garion.hall@abbywinters.com now and request access. The CD Visual diary is stored on Google Drive. Let the CD know the email address associated with your Google account (if you don’t have one, you will need to make one. It’s free to do so).

There are around 3000 files, around 2.7Gb, organised into several folders, but you do not have to save it locally if you’re pressed for space on your local HDD, or if you are required to upgrade your HDD space for this, you can just look at the material online in the Google Drive’s interface – this can be painfully slow, however (depends on your internet connection).

Workbook: Download this 20 page (567Kb) PDF workbook, print in colour, and use it to take notes in, while watching the video.

Pose variety and exploration depth at highest level

Size: 134Mb, 29’44”

Action items

Download this zip (26.2Mb) of the images of Ophelia on a sofa, an example of 72 poses a model could get in to on a sofa (suitable for pose ideas when the model is clothed, in underwear, nude, or OL – some also suitable for EXP and INS levels, too).


Download this eleven-page (1.2Mb) MS Word file that contains details and a template for the assignments.

Instructions are included within – this is a tricky one, so do consider the info provided in the doc, and contact your Trainer if you have any questions before submitting.

Submit the completed assignment to your Trainer, then proceed with the next Solo assessment area.

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