August 18, 2013 Post production – Image Editing

The first step in post-producing stills shoots is the Image Edit, involves selecting the “keeper” images, from all those shot, identifying must-haves, maximum posing level percentages, and tagging Backstage images.

This is a very long set of videos, 6.5 hours in length. it is recommended to consume them over at least two days, and to take regular breaks.

Workbook: Download this 24 page (551Kb) Workbook, print in B&W, and add notes in the provided spaces.

Image Editing presentation Part 1

Size: 66.9Mb, 29’26”

Image Editing presentation Part 2

Size: 77.5Mb, 34’51”

Image Editing Actual Edit Part A

Size: 338Mb, 57’33”

Image Editing Actual Edit Part B

Size: 289Mb, 1h23′

Image Editing Actual Edit Part C

Size: 1Gb, 1h27′

Image Editing Actual Edit Part D

Size: 420Mb, 1h12′

Image Editing Actual Edit Part E

Size: 151Mb, 28’14”

Image Editing presentation, final Part 3

Size: 6Mb, 4’07”

Image Editing Assignment

Ask your Trainer to be assigned a solo Open Leg un-edited stills scene (it may be one you made yourself as as Shoot Producer).

Do an edit of this imageset: Dis-include images as described. Refer constantly to your workbook. Be able to justify each decision made.

Prepare the Image Editor report in the PPCMS, and submit “keepers” and report to Trainer for review:

As an HQ staff member: Notify your Trainer of the name and location of the LightRoom catalog.

As a Contract Shooter: As a zip file, share a Dropbox folder with Ensure the zip file is named sensibly, and ensure the folder it’s in is named for your name.

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