August 20, 2013 Post Production – Rave writing

Each website release is accompanied by a rave that provides an informational scent about the shoot, enticing readers to view the shoot, and increasing SEO.

Workbook: Download this 34 page (282Kb) Workbook, print in B&W, and complete the blank spaces for notes and embedded exercises, while watching the video.

Rave writing Part 1

Size: 56.7Mb, 30’16”

Rave writing Part 2

Size: 70.9Mb, 33’52”

Rave writing Part 3

Size: 93.6Mb, 29’21”

Rave writing prompter cards

Note: Only required for Contract workers – full-time staff will have these pre-prepared for them – ask your Trainer.

Cards: Download this 98.6Mb (6 page) PDF, and print on light cardstock, in colour. One print job makes 11 cards. The first 3 pages are the front of cards, the last 3 pages are the backs (not required, but nice!). Recommended to put the card stock through the printer from a manual feed tray twice, once for the fronts, and once for the backs.

Rave Writing Assignment

Test: Download this 3 page (25Kb) MS Word test. Instructions are contained within. Type your work directly into this document. Re-read the instructions before submitting.

Email completed assignment to your Trainer.

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