August 27, 2013 Post production – Setting Meaningful Tags

Meaningful Tags help customers find what they want, and hint to Search Engines how our content is organised. They must be selected carefully to ensure maximum value is extracted.


Before consuming this SDLP, you must have completed the Meaningful Tag Video SDLP. This is aimed at shoot producers primarily, but has a lot of relevant info.

Workbook: Download this 43 page (654 kb) workbook, print in B&W, and add notes in the spaces provided while watching the videos.

Setting Meaningful Tags part 1

Size: 71.1Mb, 29’15”

Setting Meaningful Tags part 2

Size: 77.7Mb, 34’43”

Setting Meaningful Tags part 3

Size: 154Mb, 38’34”

Assignment 1

Re-word bad examples as Meaningful Tags. Copy form Workbook PDF or here on the page, re-word, add to email to Trainer

  • Hairy woman Sharlyn is called to model lingerie
  • Nica explores her hairy pussy alone in her room
  • Hairy girl Gretta enjoys reading and cumming alone
  • Telephone whispers turn hairy woman Inco on
  • Hairy nature girl Kira S enjoys her walk outside
  • Gela playing with her hairy pussy on the couch
  • Thelma Sleaze is a dominate hairy woman

Assignment 2

On the live site:

  • Select 10 shoots from 2002
  • Select 10 models from 2003
  • Set a Meaningful Tag for each

Add URL’s to an email to Trainer to review.

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