Post production

After shoots have been created, they must be “post-produced” – prepared for release to customers. unlinked items have no SDLP created yet.


  • Rave writing: Writing the text that accompanies releases on the website, to inform and entice customers and extract maximum SEO value.
  • Setting Meaningful Tags: Selecting a single, provocative, representative tag for models and shoots.


  • Image Editing: Selecting the “keeper” images, from all those shot, identifying must-haves, maximum posing level percentages, and tagging Backstage images.
  • Image Processing: Processing the images selected as keepers, for colour, brightness, contrast, and sanity. Creating derivative images (samples, profiles, etc).
  • Imageset Review: Reviewing the Image set for sanity and quality, assessing the shooter, selecting best-of images, approving for release to customers.
  • Backstage sets: Collating images and raves for backstage image sets.
  • Handwritten bios: preparing, fixing, naming and processing HWB images.
  • Calendar wallpapers: Selecting and processing images for calendar wallpapers.


  • Video ingestion: The process of copying files from shooters media cards, to our filesystem, and preparing it for editing.
  • Video Edit: Cutting as-shot rushes together in a pleasing and provocative way.
  • Solo guide: Style guide for solo video editing considerations.
  • Intimate Moment guide: Style guide for Intimate Moment video editing considerations (SIM and DIM).
  • Girl-girl guide: Style guide for girl-girl video editing considerations.
  • Girl-boy guide: Style guide for boy-girl video editing considerations.
  • Video Review: Reviewing the result of the video editor’s work, as a sanity check.
  • Video fixes: Making necessary fixes suggested by reviewer, creating derivative edits (promo, sample image, tour-clips, etc). Creating sequences to be encoded.
  • Video Encoding: Setting an edited video sequence to be converted from a master format, to customer-consumable formats (eg, WMV, MP4, etc)
  • Backups and deletions: Housekeeping online disk space to ensure space is available, and appropriate backups are made.

Content Administration

  • Selecting Sample Images: (only available to AWBV staff) Selecting images to represent shoots on the members news page.
  • Scheduling: Selecting what scenes are released on which days of the month, to provide maximum variety and texture to a wide rage of customers.
  • Preview Releases: Ensuring each Release has all it’s components, so when released to customers, they have all they expect.

DVD Production

  • DVD Production: Selecting content, assembling a DVD, selecting provocative cover images
  • DVD quality assessment: Steps to ensure the quality of a DVD project, before being sent for replication.
  • Selecting Intimate Moments DVD content: Considerations to selecting video scenes and images for IM DVD’s
  • Selecting Girl-Boy DVD content:¬†Considerations to selecting video scenes and images for GB DVD’s
  • Selecting Girl-GirlDVD content: Considerations to selecting video scenes and images for GG DVD’s

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