August 31, 2014 Principles of Accounting 05: File and organise on the day

Documents in the Accounting department are confidential and must be filed appropriately by the end of the day, in the correct place, as dictated by the filing procedure in each duty’s DDL, or the Filing DDL. A tidy workspace inspires confidence from those around you, allows you to respond swiftly to others’ needs, and ensures nothing is lost, missed, or paid late (incurring fines).

Workbook: Download this 9 page (357Kb) PDF. Print in black-and-white, and add notes in the indicated places.


Size: 39.7Mb, 12’35”


The Trainer will supply resources for this assignment – let them know you’re ready for the assignment for the Principles of Accounting 05: File and organise on the day. You may have already done this as part of your pre-employment test. if so, it does not need to be done again – check with your trainer to be sure.

  • Rename 20 files meaningfully
  • Sort docs sensibly

Provide the results to your Trainer.

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