August 31, 2014 Principles of Accounting 07: Be accurate and precise

Attention to detail is a basic tenant of Accounting. A 1% deviation from 100% accurate causes all data to be considered worthless, as it infers there may be more problems. Trust in data accuracy and precision is the foundation that all work in the Accounting Department is built upon.

Workbook: Download this 7 page (983Kb) PDF. Print in black-and-white, and add notes in the indicated places.


Size: 17.3Mb, 9’41”


Your Trainer will provide a credit card statement. Enter all details of transactions from the credit card statement into an Excel worksheet. Include the date, foreign currency, EUR, exchange rate, goods / service – all data on the CC statement.

Describe what can be done to ensure the data is correct once entered.

Email completed spreadsheet and description to your Trainer.

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