July 31, 2020 Principles of Accounting 12: Be indispensible in a good way

A linchpin is a mechanical device that holds a machine together – were the linchpin to fail, the machine would fall apart (more info). In his excellent book Linchpin, Seth Godin describes “good” and “bad” linchpins in an organisation, people who are indispensable in two different ways.

Good linchpin 😀
People in the business who are relied upon because their work is so good.

Bad linchpin 😒
People in the business who are relied upon because they are the only person who can do the job.

Workbook: Download this 4 page (1.4Kb) PDF. Print in B&W, and add notes in the indicated places.


(21.3Mb; 4’31”)

Seth Godin’s book Linchpin (ISBN: 978-0749953652). Recommended.


Email your trainer with these questions and appropriate answers. Set the subject of the email to be “PO Accounting, Be indispensable in a good way”.

  • Where is the right place to store passwords for services the company uses?
  • When should a DDL be updated?
  • When updating a DDL, what functions of Google Docs should be used?
  • The incumbent usually works on weekdays, but did a few hours work on a Saturday. Should a daily report be sent?

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