August 31, 2014 Principles of Accounting 02: One piece of paper for every transaction

We do not yet have a paperless office, though one day we hope to. In the meantime, we like the permanence and “democratic editability” that paper offers: anyone can add meaningful notes to help understand the relevance of the piece of paper.

Workbook: Workbook: Download this 7 page (218 Kb) PDF. Print in black-and-white, and add notes in the indicated places.


Size: 21.7Mb, 12’18”


Propose – in detail – a meaningful piece of paper for these things:

  1. A mobile phone bill direct-debits from a bank account each month, and web interface for the phone network does not provide invoices
  2. A company we earn passive income from deposits money to our bank account. We promoted their website on our site, and this deposit is made each quarter, for a different amount.
  3.  The bank gives us ~€450 in interest each month

Email your answers to the Trainer.

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