August 25, 2017 Principles of Professionalism

Our Principles of Professionalism are the fundamental building blocks on which our company is run, underlying everything you, your peers, your manager, Contractors, and the Owner does.

When working with us, these Principles are how you’re expected to behave “as a given” – if you had to be asked to do this stuff, we consider it’s a serious matter, and several breaches would certainly affect your chances of ongoing work. It’s serious stuff, but they are also pretty reasonable and “common sense”. Of course, you’ll find all your peers demonstrate these principles as well.

Our Principles of Professionalism are:

  1. Commit to excellence
  2. Take responsibility
  3. Embrace the vision, mission and goals
  4. Communicate and be a team player
  5. Be ethical and virtuous
  6. Understand risk appetite
  7. Display a vested interest
  8. Have a robust work ethic
  9. Be healthy and safe
  10. Succession plan, from day one


Read our Principles of Professionalism (21 page PDF, 203Kb). As you read, prepare questions for your Trainer, and get these questions answered before proceeding.

Download the Principles of Professionalism assignment (MS Word, 23 pages, 24.3Kb).

In the assignment, there’s 20 scenarios (mini-stories) to respond to, and there are more details on how to do it in the assignment doc itself. Over the next week, spend a few hours each day on completing this assignment – there’s no need to do it in one sitting – there’s a lot to take in!

It’s no problem to ask your Trainer if you’re not certain about a scenario – there’s no secrets here!

When complete, submit the finished doc to your Trainer, and proceed with the next SDLP on the Company induction homepage.

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