June 12, 2013 Principles of working with models

The way we work with models is critical to our brand and reputation, but also an ethical decision we make – how we choose to run our business and live our lives. To clearly communicate the standards shooters are expected to uphold, and that models should expect to experience, we created our Principles of Working with models, also known as our Models Charter.

Models Charter, on our model recruitment site, femalephotofun.com.


Having read the Principles of Working with models / Models Charter, contact your Trainer if you have any questions.

When all is clear, begin the assignment: describing how you’d behave in the listed situations.

Copy the scenarios below into a new word processing doc (or, just an email). Expand the scenario to a conclusion that both benefits the company, and meets our Principles of Working with models. Write your thought process, how you arrived at a given course of action.

As you are in the early stages of learning how abbywinters.com produces shoots, you are not expected to know operational specifics, which may be relevant in your scenario response. It’s fine to make reasonable assumptions about operational details for this assignment.

Once complete, provide the completed work to your Trainer (PDF, docx, or just in-line in an email).

Model Liaisons and Shoot Producers interact with models differently to Second Camera Operators (SCO’s), so there is a separate set of questions below for SCO’s.

Assignment for Model Liaisons and Shoot Producers

  1. A model has been selected by abbywinters.com HQ to be shot by you. She arrives on time and well-prepared for her shoot. You do her pre-shoot grooming check, and find it to be acceptable. However, you assess her as being un-attractive and off-paradigm – from your training, you know our customers will not enjoy a shoot of her. And, as a Shoot Producer, you are convinced you cannot make a sexy shoot of her. It’s 2am in the Netherlands, so it’s not possible to call the head office and ask for advice. What do you do?
  2. During a shoot with a model, she “comes on” to you – touching you, inviting you to “help” her with the shoot. It’s clear she means, for you to help her masturbate! You find her very attractive, and you’re single. What do you do?
  3. During a shoot, a model says she’s scared of her father finding out about her shoot, but abbywinters.com is a Dutch site, there’s nothing to worry about. What do you do?
  4. A model seems sad when she arrives for a shoot, she’s clearly been crying earlier. What do you do?
  5. On a shoot by a river, at the base of a cliff, the model suggests doing some rock-climbing. You have established she’s an expert (you know a bit yourself, and she knows a lot more than you!). You know that rock-climbing nude would work well for video (slow movements that emphasise her musculature), but there is risk to the model’s personal safety. What do you do?
  6. A model arrives to be shot, and in her pre-shoot grooming check, you discover she has tattoos near her vulva that were not mentioned in her Info Session. She also has several piercings that she refuses to remove. You know that tattoos and piercings are a big problem for abbywinters.com customers, and that the company has a strict policy of “no PhotoShop” and “no-makeup”! She is otherwise highly-assessed. What do you do?

Assignment for Second Camera Operators only

Second Camera Operators have a different set of questions to answer, as they interact with models differently to Shoot Producers and Model Liaisons.

  1. There’s a power cable on the floor right where you know models will be interacting as part of the shoot. It’s a trip hazard, as well as looking pretty ugly. What do you do?
  2. One of the models is wearing the new team jersey of your BFF’s fave team. You really want to take a pic and send it to your friend, who’d LOVE to see it! What should you do?
  3. A model complains to you of a stiff neck during a shooting break. Allll your friends say you give great massages. What do you do?
  4. The model’s passport picture is hi-larious – everyone on-set agrees! Of course, you have a Backstage camera in your hand. What do you do?
  5. One of the models says she’s tired and asks how much longer the shoot will take. You know there’s at least four more hours of work to do. You know the model wants the shoot to be done in the next 30 minutes, but that the company requires the shoot to be captured in full. What do you tell the model?
  6. A model on set looks really familiar to you, but you can’t quite place her. Went to your school? Or maybe from youtube? Maybe if you stare at her a bit longer, you’ll work it out… What’s the best thing to do here?
  7. In the bathroom of the shoot location, there’s water all over the floor (one model forgot to close the shower screen!). Now, both models are skidding around on the tiled floor having a great time. A backstage opportunity? Or something else?
  8. One model is enjoying flashing her boobs out the window to the busy street below, enjoying the reactions from passers by, and encourages her shoot partner to join her. You can tell her shoot partner is not in to it, but she does not want to say no. You also know this would make good Backstage material. What do you do?

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