September 24, 2018 Set dressing ideas use post-it-notes (CSP NL November 2018)

Get funky with PostIt notes!

Set dressing plain walls is a must for shoots but there is always the risk of damaging walls as you pull posters and fabric up and down. PostIt notes might be a fun alternative and is an activity you can get the model to do either before the shoot starts, while you are setting up, or within the shoot as part of MMaIA.

Guest Directors – you might come up with a way to use pulling PostIt notes off the wall (or putting them on) within your gambits. For example, make a game of Truth or Dare questions on the wall, with models needing to jump or even lift each  other up, in order to reach the questions at the top of the wall. The questions lower down should be softer questions about general life, with the more sexual  and interesting questions and activities being right at the top!

There are endless things you can do with them.

Because models can write on post it notes, it can be a great way to put her personality into a space that is not hers.

  • What does she need to remember to do that week?
  • What is on her shopping list?
  • What films does she plan to watch next?
  • What else?

PostIt notes can also be used within a shoot – like Satine solo 5.

If you invest in PostIt notes and you make use of them, we will reimburse you for a pack of 12.  

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