February 7, 2019 Set dressing ideas – hanging things / fairy lights

Set Dressing Ideas

For CSPs who are fortunate enough to either be able to shoot in their own homes, or that of a very willing friend, putting up hooks/nails on the wall (or, those 3M sticky hooks that don’t leave a mark when removed), can be a great way to help dress the space. This creates the option to hang different items on the wall each time, to make the space look like a new room.

Above: Make use of hanging points on the wall to vary your set dressing

Any one item can only be used in one AW shoot, unless it is the models own personal item (in which case it can be used in multiple shoots – they are her things so it makes sense she would have them still).

Buying cheap items to set-dress rooms can make a scene look fantastic, but as they can only be used once, it can become expensive and time consuming – this is why we recommend dressing spaces with the model’s own items. Models will only bring the things a CSP asks them to bring – it won’t be obvious that a nude photo shoot requires her to bring a ribbon she won in a judo competition!

Ideas on what to hang

  • Things the model has with her
    • Clothes that she’s not wearing in the shoot
    • Hats
    • Bags
    • Colourful scarves
    • Jewelry – long necklaces / colourful beads especially good
    • Belts (ideally colourful)
    • Keys (with colourful keychains)
    • Headphones (ideally colourful)
    • Long Socks (colourful)
  • Things CSPs should ask the model to bring
    • Photos of herself from her own home
    • Sports / dancing medals
  • Things a CSP could supply
    • Paintings (often very cheap in car boot sales / thrift shops)
    • Hangers to display the models clothes on
    • Cork board / white board which the model can write on
    • Colourful fabric
    • Strings of LED fairy lights
    • Posters (can be cut out from magazines)

Above: AWBV will reimburse you for fairy lights after their second use on a shoot up to the amount of $15 USD. The goal should be to use the lights every 8th shoot or so, for 10 shoots (after that the prop will be too familiar).

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