July 16, 2013 Shoot assessment solo – Fun, spontaneity and unexpectedness

March 2015: This assessment area is being retired and replaced by a different assessment area. Please consult your Trainer before proceeding. If your Trainer is not immediately available, proceed with the next item in the Solo shoot assessment, Sexiness, not continuity.

Solo shoot assessment areas describe the elements of abbywinters.com solo shoots that customers demand. This element, Fun, spontaneity and unexpectedness, describes the goals for the overall feeling on set (which directly translates to what customer see in images and video). Images and video are assessed separately.

Workbook: Download this 31 page (572 Kb) PDF workbook, print in colour, and use it to take notes in, while watching the video.

Fun, spontaneity and unexpectedness Part 1

Overview and unexpectedness

Size: 91.2Mb, 32’08”

Unexpectedness Assignment

Zip of AW reference images: Download this 7.6Mb (27 images) compressed zip file of images from the presentation.

For each of the six areas (MDB record, Location, Model herself, Props, Clothing and Activity), choose one image. Write how this Thing could be presented to customers in a solo shoot, in an unexpected fashion, different to ways the Trainer spoke about. Consider what customers expect, present something different. In the doc, include the reference image.

Fun, spontaneity and unexpectedness Part 2


Size: 13.2Mb, 7’36”

Spontaneity assignment

Using free internet resources, find genuinely spontaneous moments in five nude erotic shoots (stills or video) that meet this specification. They may be single images, not entire shoots. Do not select imagery from shoots you were involved with. Do not select imagery from abbywinters.com.

Write a short piece describing how you’d make something like this happen in a solo shoot (not, what it is, but how to create the environment where it could happen). Consider how other aspects of our paradigm would continue to be serviced while doing this, and beware not to rely too heavily on the model herself, or scripted, planned things.

Link to, or include the relevant media before submitting to your Trainer.

Fun, spontaneity and unexpectedness Part 3

Guest Directors

Size: 103.5Mb, 8’52”

Guest Directors Assignment

Review and analyse the Tricia L solo video (in two parts). Describe how the use of a Guest Director in this scene could have been further improved to meet our goals of spontaneity and unexpectedness (do not mention any other aspect of the video, such as Framing and composition – they are not relevant to this assignment).

Pass completed notes to your Trainer.

Fun, spontaneity and unexpectedness Part 4

Assessment and recap

Size: 20.5Mb, 10’04”


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