July 10, 2013 Shoot assessment tech – White Balance

This Technical assessment area of White Balance describes the standards and expectations for White Balance in abbywinters.com shoots, and explains the assessment criteria against which every shoot will be assessed (stills and video components are assess separately).

Workbook: Download this  15 page (387 Kb) PDF workbook, print in colour, and use it to take notes in, while watching the video.

White Balance

Size: 65Mb, 21’20”


Using Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, peachy forums, TGP’s or any other source of free erotic content, find 10 images that could appear on abbywinters.com, except for the White Balance not meeting these standards. Some should be simple (wrong WB set in camera), but others should be more complex (mixed white-point sources). Write what the photographer should have done on-set in each image, to bring it up to our standards.

Typically, this will involve a combination of these actions:

  • Setting lights differently
  • Positioning the model differently
  • Using colour correction tools (gels, filters)
  • Setting an appropriate white balance on the camera – a preset, or custom

Describe specifically what should be done to each item above, to achieve the correct White Balance in-camera, so the least amount of Post Production work is necessary.

Once complete, provide the images and text to your Trainer for review. Ensure the images and text are clearly related (embedded in a MS Word doc, for example, or image files named sensibly, and the names referred to in the text doc).

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