July 1, 2019 Shoot at home fee

(This page is linked from the Homonoia app)

We place value on making a shoot at a model’s own home, and we pay models a bonus when this happens. In July 2019, this is €100, but this may change – Homonoia will be updated when that occurs.

Considerations for shoot-at-home bonus being due include:

  • The majority of the shoot took place there
    • if some clips were shot in a public place or in the model’s back yard, it’s appropriate to award the model a shoot-at-home fee
  • This is the model’s actual home, where she lives day to day
    • The home of a friend, her parents when she has moved out, or a place she is temporarily staying (ie, under a month) are not included
    • However, the Shoot Producer may negotiate with the model before the shoot day, to make a shoot in these places and pay a fee for that
  • A possible test is, “Do you own the linen on the bed?”

This is added as a separate line item when the model is paid by abbywinters.com BV, and can be removed by HQ if necessary, so if the matter is unclear, add it and email production.coordinator@abbywinters.com with more information.


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