July 24, 2013 Shoot prep – Shoot plan

We complete a template document, with prompters for steps the shooter will take to ensure this shoot will be highly assessed, based on information we glean about the model. This shoot plan document follows the shoot through the post production process.

Workbook: Download this 5 page (91Kb) PDF Workbook, print double-sided in black-and-white, and complete the banks while watching the video.

Shoot plan template v2.8: Download this 2 page (17.7Kb) MS Word document. Always get the newest version from here.

Advance notice: In the coming days, you’ll be working on the Media and metadata admin SDLP, which includes getting set up for several of the back-office systems. Start a new email to your trainer now, and advise them you’re ready to begin setup for that.

Shoot plan

Size: 55Mb, 29’29”


Consider the person who participated when you did your practicum: make a shoot plan for her, for an abbywinters.com shoot. Assume her highest posing level is Explicit.

Review workbooks of assessment areas for prompters.

A special rule for this: While it’s fun to do this as a thought experiment with an “ideal model”, most models are not ideal (for example, excellent talkers up for the highest posing level, experts in yoga, bringing text-book AW clothes and personal props). They do happen sometimes, but mostly not. So, imagine this model is not especially flexible, and does not do yoga.

Submit to Trainer.

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