July 24, 2013 Shoot prep – Warm-ups

When the crew and models are warmed up, models feel more comfortable, the chance of injury is reduced, models and crew feel closer together, and shoot quality improves.

Workbook: Download this 12 page (262 Kb) PDF workbook, print in colour, double-sided, and fill in the blank spaces while watching the vnideo.


Size: 162Mb, 26’47”

Here’s what mode Jada S said about her warmup with a Shoot Producer:

I loved the warm ups we did with the purity test and asking questions – I loved that idea. I Almost like that I was not told about that before hand as really helped with my nerves. I liked how cool and open the questions were, it was not just whats your favorite colour or stuff it was deep stuff like have you ever touched someone sexually on a train. I liked that he opened up as well as me, helped me relax and feel like we had some trust.


Purity Test: Download this 8 page (89Kb) PDF of the Purity Test, print double-sided and laminate.

Tongue-twisters: Download this 2 page (88Kb) PDF of tongue twisters, print double-sided, and laminate.

Gather a group of people, at least 3. Run through the warm up process. Identify kinks in the workflow that might make working warm-ups with models less-smooth, and consider how to ensure it runs smoothly.

Notify Trainer when complete, and describe how it worked for your group.

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