September 14, 2013 Shoot preparation – Invoicing

Accurate invoicing ensures Contract Shooters are paid the right way, on time, the correct amount.

Workbook: Download this 21 page (206 Kb) workbook, print in black and white, and add notes in the spaces provided.


Size: 49.3Mb, 28’53”


This process will help iron out kinks for first real invoice, and ensure you get paid promptly!

First, read the Invoicing FAQ.

Then, submit a test invoice.

Sample invoice: Download this 1 page (28kb) MS Word file as a template; or, use your own template, or a template from elsewhere.

Use these details:

  • PPCMS ID: 99999
  • Make up model real and site names
  • Use your real details (address,  bank, etc).
  • Make invoice number 000.
  • Assume Shoot at assessment of 3.0.
  • Remove any mention of VAT if it does not apply to you (ie, if you are not in the EU).
  • Make the file a PDF (we cannot accept MS Word or similar word processing docs).

Submit an invoice to your Trainer (not the Financial Controller as you would for a real invoice!). Your Trainer will provide feedback.

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