February 18, 2019 Solo Must-Have Single breast in profile

Challenge of the month Feb 2019

Each of the Must Haves have their own difficulties to perfect, but Single Breast In Profile is historically the one that most CSPs have struggled to capture perfectly.  

Above: The official description from the Must Haves booklet, showing two perfect Breast In Profile Must-Have images.


The word “profile” has many meanings, some of them meaning similar-but-different things.

In our context, a profile is the outline of a form. We’re aiming to illustrate the outline form of a model’s single breast, showing how pert and firm (or otherwise) it is, with no other distractions.

ABOVE: An example of a profile of a man, done in silhouette (popular in the 1700’s). The view is exactly side-on, just how we want to capture the breast of the model (but of course, we do not make it a silhouette!).


For this Must-Have being on the side of the breast is not enough, the CSP needs to line up the lowest part of the breast, so that there is one straight line from that lowest point down, onto the tummy.

  • Only half of nipple is visible
  • One smooth line – her tummy line does not come from mid way through her breast, it is lined up from the point where her breast is attached to her body

Correct example of Single breast in profile Must-Have


This image of Sabrina V.

Note how we see the model’s chest, breast, and tummy in a profile, without seeing any of her “front”.

A continuous line is drawn from the nipple to the tummy. We see the breast in perfect profile.

Incorrect Example of Single breast in profile Must-Have


This image of Jill.

This image shows the breast from the side, but there is not a direct line from the bottom of the breast down to the tummy. Instead, the breast crosses the line.

The red line is a T shape. We’re not seeing the breast in perfect profile.

How to capture Single breast in profile

Above: This single-breast-in-profile attempt does not meet the Must Have Requirements, the camera needs to move around to the model’s back more (ie, camera-right).

Step one: Establish where the lowest part of the breast is.

Above: The lowest part of the breast. The line of her tummy goes down from this point.

Step two: Rotate around, as if to stand behind her, but not that far. Watch the breast, until the line of her tummy meets previously identified ‘lowest part’ of her breast.

Above: Move around the model until the line of her tummy is in the right place in relation to the lowest part of her breast.


ABOVE: The Shoot Producer has now lined up the lowest part of the models breast with the line of her tummy – making one smooth continuous line down her body. This is a correct Single breast in profile Must-Have.

What if the model has sagging breasts?

If the model has sagging breasts, asking her to lift her arms in the air can make the image more flattering and makes it easier for the CSP to line up their framing correctly. 

If a model has saggy breasts that touch her body, the CSP still needs the same side profile camera positioning but this time, the line of the tummy should start from the point where the breast stops touching her body (rather than from the lowest point of the breast, as would normally be the case).  

Correct examples

Above: A perfect example of a saggy Breast In Profile

Above: These models have breasts that “sag”, meaning part of their breasts touch their tummies. The line of their tummies drop down from the point where their breasts stop making contact with their bodies. These are all correctly captured single-breast-in-profile Must-Have shots.

Incorrect Examples of saggy breasts, Single breast in profile

Above: The line of her tummy should be where the green arrow is, not the red one.

Above: Can you see where the line of her tummy should have been to make this a perfect breast In Profile Must have?


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