February 4, 2019 SUBA: Puffy Nipples

Above: Ophelia’s puffy nipple, emphasised by a breast in perfect profile shot, and a contrasting background

Puffy nipple are a moderately rare physical feature that customers find very appealing, where the areola protrudes significantly from the breast. See the Puffy Nipples fetish page (link opens in a new tab), which has many examples of this.

Whenever there is a solo shoot of a model with this physical feature, it is always important to focus on it and 9/10 times, this should be the SUBA for that shoot.

The Creative Director has made an excellent Puffy Nipples SDLP on this topic which includes:

  • Identifying puffy nipples (what is it?) @00:00
  • What customers like about it @05:58
  • How to make it happen @08:14
  • How to exploit it @09:14
  • How to capture it @11:55
  • Questions to ask the model during a solo @13:06

Additional Puffy Nipple capture ideas

Pull clothes away from the nipples

The SDLP discusses that when a model touches or stimulates a puffy nipple, it often vanishes as the nipple hardens. As the model undresses (especially if she is teasing the nipple reveal by moving her bra or top around), there is a danger that her clothing will stimulate the nipple, thus making the puffiness disappear.

Talk to the model before the shoot and direct her to clearly pull clothing away from her nipples instead of across.

Above: Carmina pulling her bra away from her nipple so as not to stimulate it. Note the effect of the fabric pushing just bellow the nipple, it makes the nipple stand out even more.

Select ideal camera angles!

In the SDLP, the Creative Director highlights how shooting in profile is an excellent way to explore a puffy nipple, but that doesn’t have to be done standing!

Capturing the nipple puffing up from a model in a laid down position, is also really effective!

Above: Justine’s nipple rising up off her body as she lays on the sofa. Note how light is used to good effect to emphasise the feature.

Above: This is a great wide shot, if only the SP had also taken a CU of Kiera’s puffy nipple in this excellent laid-down position!

Shooting from down low (from under the breast), is another great way to emphasise how much the nipple is puffing out away from the breast.

Above: Melissa D’s puffy nipples are helped a lot by this low down camera angle (click to see full size image)

Above: Joan’s puffy nipples are very visible rise up from her breasts – the low down camera is an excellent tool

Ask the model to push on her breast

While touching the nipple can cause the puffiness in the nipple to reduce, touching the breasts on the sides of the nipples, is an excellent way of making the nipples push out and forwards EVEN more.

Above: Melissa D, pushing the bottom of her breast helps to make her nipple stand out even more

Above: Kimberley’s hands help to frame her puffy nipples without interfering with them

Above: Joy using her arms to press her breasts together, this pressure helps her puffy nipples to push forwards even more.

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