August 9, 2015 Technical assessment areas

12 areas against which all shoots are assessed. Each SDLP discusses the fundamental expectations, common problems and describes how each area is assessed. Note, these assume a competent understanding of each technical area, and are not designed to teach them to a newbie. These describe the expectations.

Upon completing the practical components from the Fundamentals group of lessons, it may be established that these lessons are not required to be taken, as the skills have been demonstrated. Possibly, there may be some deficiencies identified, and some of these Tech lessons need to be completed.

  • Lighting. Models must be illuminated, but also lit for form and texture.
  • Exposure. Making use of the available dynamic range, and managing the secondary effects of exposure controls.
  • White Balance. Crisp white whites, and true colours.
  • Close-Ups. Extremely close and technically proficient.
  • Focus and DoF. The right parts in focus, and managing depth of field.
  • Framing and composition. Cropping in-camera when shooting, and arranging elements in the frame pleasingly.
  • Audio (video only). Clearly recorded audio – it’s 70% of the picture!
  • Grooming. Models must appear neat, clean, healthy and wholesome.
  • Must-Have shots captured. Essential shots our customers demand we include in every shoot.
  • Additionals (Backstage; AW Ed; Dressing Room; Tagging video). Shoot brief followed, well-captured.
  • Clothing selection and use. Perfectly on-paradigm clothes selected.
  • Environment selection. Enhances paradigm and exposes new aspects of model.

Summary of Technical assessment areas. Download this two page (37Kb) PDF that summarises the technical assessment areas, with the 1 to 3 criteria for each. Keep this in your workspace, you’re refer to it often in subsequent SDLP’s and when producing shoots yourself.

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