February 20, 2019 Text for ads for models

When considering placing ads for models in local newspapers / online classifieds sites, use the following text. If you’d like to change it, that might be possible, but please discuss it first.

Option 1

Female Modelling: €200 to €750 per day

Nude. Seeking 18-25 year old, amateur, happy and wholesome women. No experience preferred. You control what happens on the shoot. Shot by our professional and creative crew who ensure you look fantastic. No sleaze. Safe and supportive work environment. You’re paid fairly, the day after the shoot. www.femalephotofun.com / model.liaison@femalephotofun.com.

This ad lays out the key facts, but some publications might baulk at the link to a website.

Option 2

Seeking females for modeling work. Competitive rates of pay.

No experience preferred, so new faces welcome. Read our info site for full details, and to apply. http://r.awbv.net/M78xp

The mysterious link still goes to www.femalephotofun.com, but the link is disguised in an effort to defeat automatic processes.

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