The Essentials

Overview, introduction and SDLP etiquette

These SDLP’s are required to be completed, before beginning shooting for (as an in-house shooter, or as a Contract Shooter, or a Post Producer). The listing of SDLP’s are in the order we recommend they are consumed.

Generally, you’d watch the video, complete the Athena quiz, then move on to the next topic. At the end of the Fundamentals section, you complete a practicum that demonstrates you understand the fundamentals you have learnt.


These areas describe the fundamentals to be understood before moving forwards.


The practical component demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental concepts in a real-world situation – it’s where the rubber hits the road, and you get to demonstrate your ability.

  1. Check out this short analysis video of a 3-assessed solo model shoot, showing the application of the Fundamental concepts.
  2. Summary of Technical assessment areas. Download this two page (37Kb) PDF that summarises the technical assessment areas, with the 1 to 3 criteria for each.
  3. Fundamental model-required pracs brief: Organise a model, and shoot the practical components from Posing Levels, No-nude, Grooming, Must-haves, and Lighting 101.

Technical assessment areas

Self-Directed Learning Packages for each technical assessment area. Only required if results from Fundamentals pracs do not meet our expected standards – your Trainer will advise if this is necessary.

Solo shoot assessment areas

The most important aspects to solo shoots. Each of the 9 areas are weighted differently, so more important areas affect shooter assessment more heavily. Contract Shooters are paid based on their shoot assessments, so this is how to make more money, while internal staff’s ongoing employment depends on their shoot assessments.

Summary of Solo assessment areas. Download this two page (43Kb) PDF that summarises the Solo assessment areas, with the 1 to 5 criteria for each. Keep this in your workspace, you’re refer to it often in subsequent SDLP’s, and when producing shoots yourself.


The specifics of the additional elements specified in Tech / Additionals section. Unlinked areas are yet to have SDLP’s created.

Shoot preparation and administration

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” (Winston Churchill, and many others)

By planning to make an awesome shoot, it will more likely be awesome, As always, we help you do this, with a simple form the Shooter completes the day before the shoot, with prompters that relate to the assessment areas.

  • Solo shoot planning: Helping you plan to create an excellent solo-model shoot.
  • Homonoia: using the web app to administer shoot paperwork
  • Warm-ups: A short routine for models and shooters to complete, to get warmed-up vocally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Media and metadata ingestion. How media and metadata must be prepared and transmitted to HQ.
  • Invoicing: How to ensure you get paid for your work.

Final assignment: Bringing it all together

Complete the final assignment, Bringing it all together.


Congratulations! You’re ready to begin shooting!

If you have a model ready (who has been assessed appropriately by booking staff), let them know you’re about to shoot her, arrange a time and location, and perform your shoot prep.

For the first few shoots, you’ll submit your Shoot Plan to your Trainer for review and discussion a few days before the shoot is due to begin.

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