February 4, 2019 The right pose for the right situation

As part of the Solo assessment area Pose variety and exploration depth at highest levelwhen the model is posing at her highest posing level, the model must be directed into eight distinct poses, with each of those poses being explored in depth.

It’s a mouthful, but it’s clear enough… but which eight poses should a CSP direct the model into? And how should each pose be explored?

This depends on several factors:

  • What is the Posing Level the model selected? (Nude, Open Leg, Explicit, Insertions)
  • How physically flexible is the model?
  • What is the model’s SUBA? (Single Unique Best Attribute)
  • The setup of the shooting location – which ‘levels’ are available?
  • Does the model have tattoos / a grooming issue that needs to be shot around?

Some are things Shoot Producers can prepare before a shoot day, but what if the model arrives with a grooming issue, unexpected tan lines, or suddenly reveals herself to be extremely flexible during the warm up? In those instance, a CSP would need to change their shoot plan on the spot.

While we are all capable of thinking on our feet, it is always easier to tackle the unknown when there is a plan in place! 

The solution?

CSPs prepare folders (physically, with print-outs, something kept on a phone / laptop / tablet) with a list of the best poses for each situation they are likely to encounter.

As well as being helpful in an emergency situation, these images will also help with general solo shoot planning. 

A reminder that the CD Visual Diary has a list of pose and clothing ideas, though they are not sorted in a way as to be useful in this case directly… but many of them can be added to Shoot Producer’s own collections of images for dealing with certain issues.

It is encouraged that CSPs make their own lists but the Creative Director and CSP Trainer will continue to add to this list over time.

  1. Solo model pose ideas if the model has a grooming issue on her buttocks (Feb 2019)



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