February 28, 2019 Tips for exploring a solo pose in depth at the highest posing level

Tips for exploring a solo pose in depth at the highest posing level

In every solo shoot, the model must, explore the highest posing level in at least eight poses. Each one of those eight poses must be explored in depth, to ensure maximum pay off and satisfaction for customers. This requirement assists CSP’s to reach the necessary percentage of a given posing level ,without too much repetition.

While there are some aspects that are pose-specific, here are some things that are always applicable to any pose being deeply explored at the highest posing level.

They fall into a few areas:

  • Deeply exploring a pose using the camera
  • Deeply exploring a pose by adding an activity
  • Deeply exploring a pose by involving a personal prop
  • Deeply exploring a pose by involving a general prop
  • Deeply exploring a pose by involving the SUBA
  • Deeply exploring a pose by involving clothing
  • Deeply exploring a pose using conversation (video only)

Let’s explore each in more depth.

Deeply exploring a pose using the camera

For each pose at the model’s highest level, for the CSP to have covered that position in depth, the CSP must show customers how the model looks within that pose, from several  angles and framings.

  • Wide shots (all of model in frame, hair, fingers, toes)
    • From the front – camera at same eye-level  of model
    • From the side
      • One side is enough, unless the view is notably different
    • From further around the side (if light allows, and there are new details to be appreciated)
    • With the camera lower than the models face, looking up
    • With the camera above the models face, looking down
    • Over the models shoulder, to show her point of view (if the light allows 360° movement around her without CSP casting shadows, or flat light)  
  • Mid-shots (around half of the model in frame)
    • From the front – camera at eye level of model
    • From the front – camera at same eye-level height asof model
    • From the side
      • One side is enough, unless the view is notably different
    • From further around the side (if light allows and there are new details to be appreciated)
    • With the camera lower than the models face, looking up
    • With the camera above the models face, looking down
  • CUs and XCU shots (focussing on key areas)
    • Showing key features of the highest posing level
      • For NDE – pubic area
      • For OL – labia and anus
      • For EXP – a spread labia and / or anus
      • For INS – something inserted inside the labia and or anus
    • If visible and practical, get a CU of the SUBA in this pose
    • If applicable and showing a new perspective, capture CUs of any fetishes visible within this pose
      • Pubic hair (being explored by models fingers during this pose!)
      • Girl cum tricking from a vagina
      • Puffy or inverted nipples

For EXP and INS poses, it is fine to shoot a sequence of up to four images showing the model spreading her labia from only-just-open to wideopen and showing a finger or object going all the way in and coming back out.

Above: Two sequences taken from Carmen M solo 4, showing her fingers going in and out of her vagina across a sequence of three images. More images than this will not be used in the final edit, but it’s fine to give the editor a range of images to choose from.

Here is a clothed example of the above:

On a real shoot, the model would be nude and the framing would be more crotch orientated than in these examples, as showing the models naked crotch is a requirement of all 4 highest posing levels BUT as your trainer, I felt you would be happier if I demonstrated this point using my face.

Wide shots:

Above: Square on – camera on same level as the model

Above: Camera below the model looking up at her

Above: Camera looking down on the model

Above: Model shown from the side

Above: Model shot from the other side – as this adds in the detail of the nude foot

Above: Camera looking down the models body from behind

Mid shots:

Above: Camera square on to the model

Above: Camera shooting from below the model looking up

Above: Mid shot from above the model

Above: Model from the side (the angle is good for showing breasts in profile!

Above: A mid shot from down the models body (this could be from her breasts down to her naked crotch for a NDE posing level image, the head is not needed).

CU shots:

Above: Some CUs

In the above sitting position – 14 different images were taken, simply through changing the camera position.

Deeply exploring a pose by adding an activity

Variety between poses is valuable! If two images are too-similar, the image editor will pick the best one to appear in the final edit, and discard the other. If the model does the same movement with no variation for 5 minutes of video, the video editor will include just the best 10 seconds and discard the rest.

Activities can be a great tool to enable a model to stay within one pose, with variety between images and seconds, to deeply explore a pose.

Using a personal prop

  • If a model is in a position where she has her hands free, she can interact with a personal prop. This works especially well for NDE and OL shoots, where casual prop use as well as sexual prop use, is easily possible at the highest posing level.
    • She might put up her hair with a hair tie, in an NDE pose
    • She might clean her glasses while in an OL pose
    • She might use her hair clips to pull back her pubic hair into an EXP pose
    • She might insert a dildo in an INS pose
  • Repeating the same personal prop use in each pose at the model’s highest level is usually not appropriate, however (dildos are an exception)

Exploring a general prop

We draw a distinction between personal props (things models have with them most of the time – jewelry, glasses, lip balm, hair clips, mobile phone, purse, water bottle, etc) and general props (things smaller than furniture that models interact with, for example, umbrella, book / magazine, cooking implements, most tools).

CSPs are only assessed on personal props, general props are great tools within a shoot (and they can affect the Sexiness assessment). For example, the SP for Tallulah’s first solo, brought a condom to set for the model to explore and play with.

This helped the SP to find new ways to deeply explore the EXP posing level (a condom she herself carried could have been a personal prop, but that was not the case here).  

Above: The model Tallulah using an inflated condom to explore the EXP standing pose in more depth

Deeply exploring the SUBA while in a pose

The SUBA (Single Unique Best Attribute) is the an aspect that makes this model unique and on-paradigm, and are aspects of the personality or physicality our customers favour. The whole shoot should reference the SUBA regularly (whereas a fetish is covered just once or twice).

Some aspects of a model require no effort, they are evident by default and cannot really be emphasised (for example, dark skin; braces; tan lines; freckles). These are not suitable for SUBA selection. Example SUBA’s include notable vaginal wetness, long legs, flexible, enormous breasts, very puffy nipples, meaty labia, immaculate shave…

So, the SUBA should be demonstrated / investigated in the eight highest-posing-level poses.

TIP from the experts: Consider selecting a SUBA that works with the  highest posing level for today’s shoot. For example, ‘Long Labia’ is a great SUBA for an EXP shoot, as the model can stretch and twist the labia during the highest posing level activities – the SUBA and highest posing level are combined (but, this SUBA for an Open-Leg  shoot would be of limited value).

Tip from the experts: – Mid-shots can be a great way to keep labia and anus in shot while also showing the model investigating her SUBA with her free hands elsewhere in frame.

Above: Simona is investigating her breasts in the background of this mid shot, at the same time as keeping her labia open in the EXP position at the bottom of frame. Double the great amount of things for customers to see

Deeply exploring a pose with clothing

Clothing use is a great way to isolate different body parts and to add in some creative fun. Why not add this to half of your exploration of a given pose?

Above: Sicilia has pulled her t shirt up over her buttocks to frame her buttocks, labia and anus in this OL position

Above: Galina has put her panties on over her breasts while doing EXP. The panties help to push her breasts together and highlight her hard nipples. This clothing use adds additional details to this EXP pose, and is a good example of deeply exploring this Standing pose. She should remove the panties from other EXP poses in this shoot, and perhaps consider integrating another item of clothing.

ABOVE: Kara D using her t-shirt to move her labia in this Explicit pose. Excellent clothing Use!

Deeply exploring a pose with conversation (video only)

A model who is verbally engaging  is unlikely to be be edited out, so consider that WHILE a model is talking, they are also posing in the highest posing level, and that the details of that highest posing level activity remain in frame!

Emotion Over Time / Layering

The first time customers see a model in a new pose at her highest posing level, they are excited and pleased through the mere fact it is a new pose – a new chance to see the model, in a new presentation for the first time.

CSPs should capture each position ‘simply’ to begin with. As the novelty starts to wear off, CSPs should add in different ‘Activities’ (see above) and then repeat the same camera exploration they did when they first presented the position – eg all the wides, mids and CUs.  

An example of a deeply explored pose might go like this:

The CSP  has a model sitting on the sofa doing an EXP pose. The model  puts her panties on over her breasts (Clothing use) and play with her nipples with one hand, while the other hand continues to open her labia (deeply exploring a pose in her highest posing level).

She then opens her makeup bag (personal prop) and pulls out a makeup brush (another personal prop), which she gently teases the end of her nipple with, brushes along the inside of her thigh before pressing the end to her clitoris – all while doing EXP with her other hand.  

Note how this “layers” several solo shoot assessment area requirements, in the one video segment:

  • Assessment area: Pose variety and exploration depth at highest level
  • Assessment area: Clothing used to heighten sexiness
  • Assessment area: Use personal props to expose unique and intimate details

With a little planning, some other assessment areas could also be included:

  • Strongly fetish- and SUBA-based
    • Depending on her SUBA, this could be added in
  • Adopt a tease-payoff, tease-payoff approach
    • If this was the first EXP pose in the shoot, certainly
  • Video only: Conversation exposes model’s unique personality
    • The model could be asked appropriate open-ended questions (for example, “What’s your go-to masturbation technique?”)
    • Though, this may become too complicated?
  • Video only: Model moves and is active
    • With all the other stuff going on, this is probably not appropriate!
  • Sexiness, not continuity
    • Well, hopefully this is shot in a sexy way.
  • Technically sound
    • Hopefully, it will be technically sound

For EXP and INS posing levels, the CSP can start with the model doing light spreading / small amounts of INS and build up across one or several poses, till the model is doing wide spreading / inserting as much as she can comfortably fit.

Ask the model to change her position slightly

In most poses there is room for the model to deeply explore a pose by changing her position slightly within the pose, without that pose becoming a new pose. Some examples include:

  • Raise one leg slightly
  • Raise the other leg slightly
  • Raise one leg a lot
  • Raise the other leg a lot
  • Bend one knee
  • Bend the other knee
  • Look to the camera
  • Look to herself
  • Rest her head on the sofa
  • Hold her head upright
  • Hold her hands on her breasts
  • Hold her hands in her hair
  • Hold her hands on her buttocks (etc)
  • Try and hold her feet while in the position
  • Experiment with how wide her legs are held open across several images
  • Change the fingers / hand she is using to perform INS
  • Change her facial expression (happy, concentrating, enjoying it, not sure yet, etc)
  • Change the position of her hands and how they snake across her body


Of course, not all of these approaches are appropriate for every pose in every shoot!

The many combinations ensures there are plenty of options for deeply exploring each pose, and bringing back varied and interesting material for our customers.

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