January 30, 2019 Vintage shoot analysis Alexandrea solo 2

Creative Director Garion visits the archives.

Vintage Shoot: Alexandra Solo 2

Above: Alexandra in very tiny shorts indeed!

Ok, not super-vintage (Feb 2016), but this Solo shoot has some good stuff in it (a solid 4-assessment, despite some issues). Garion made this shoot – he used to make all shoots for several years, but now only makes shoots very occasionally.

He organised the model to bring some old pairs of jeans / jean-shorts that she was happy to cut to pieces for the shoot (both Alexandra and Garion are Australian, and Garion knew it was likely she’d be ok with this, as it’s a common thing culturally to modify jeans into shorts – perhaps this is true in other countries as well?).

As an activity for this shoot, he asked the model to cut the jeans into the briefest possible version of shorts. Unfortunately, the footage was not suitable for the final edit, but the result is very successful, especially in the Clothing Use assessment area. In the shoot, despite the shorts being so brief as to be unsuitable for use in public (?), this does not feel “forced” – we know customers willingly suspend their disbelief.

In the image above, we see an excellent No-nude-Extreme image – but what’s the posing level? Open leg? Explicit? Nude? Any time it’s difficult to nominate a posing level for an image, it’s sure to be excellent!

There’s a gentle natural backlight coming from the window (exposed so the green plants are visible outside), and an ideally diffuse light coming from elsewhere. The light is soft – note there are no dark shadows – but form is still evident.

Improvements? Many are possible.

  • The model having more pubic hair 😐
  • A greater depth-of-field, so her vulva and anus were in focus (this was shot at ISO 800, f3.5, 1/80th; the higher ISO was in an effort to let more daylight in)
  • Maybe pulling her labia out more, to exaggerate the effect? (or maybe that would be “too much”? Worth a try, decide in the edit)
  • Shooting the same pose again, without panties; pushing the denim into her labia more, so they wrap around the crotch (oh, he did do that, check it!)

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