September 24, 2018 Warm up ideas (CSP NL November 2018)

We all know the huge value of physical, verbal and emotional warm ups before you start shooting stills, and again before the video. We consistently hear from models that they enjoy the warm ups, and find it professional that we do them. Most importantly it improves the quality of the model’s performance in the shoot itself.

But if your model arrives late, only to tell you she has a date that evening so needs to leave bang on time, warm-ups can feel like one element too many to fit in.

One solution is to combine your vocal warm up with the stretches of your physical warm up.

Build up a routine – starting with slow  movements and getting faster and faster. Rather than holding a stretch for 10 seconds, hold it for the length of time needed to quote a line of a tongue twister four times (eg ‘She sells, sea shells, on the seashore’ )

As the movements get faster, so should the speed at which the model is saying the line.

Diagonal toe taps will work especially well with this method.

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