September 24, 2018 What customers are saying about us


February 2019

I have a daughter and sister; and I have to say, yours is one of the few sites where I’d be fine (proud, even) if they chose to work with you.

And, my wife most definitely appreciates all I’ve learned. Keep up the good work!

Masie says: Well, feedback doesn’t get better than that folks!

November 2018

For once I finally feel like there is a website that understands me! I have always admired most the very things that are the focus of this site, regular girls and the the beauty of their imperfections. No cookie-cutter models, no airbrushing. I once thought I was alone (or in very limited company) in my admiration of the REAL female form, complete with all of the quirks and imperfections.

The goosebumps on beautiful skin, large puffy nipples on small breasts, the tiny hairs on a breast or surrounding a bumpy areola, or the sexy curvature of a full-figured woman, just to name a few. These women are absolutely gorgeous! And the are treated as such, which is the best part. I am new to this site and just when I thought is couldn’t get any better, what did I find? I open a photo set of one of the most adorable girls I have ever seen only to find wonderful images of her peeing! That sealed the deal.

This is the greatest website I have ever seen, bar none!!

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