February 7, 2019 What is POTD ? (Picture Of The Day)

Picture Of The Day (POTD) is an image we select from recent Backstage images created by Shoot Producers, and release on the website. It serves several purposes.

  • Promoting a model coming soon
    • For example a customer might be just about cancel their rebilling subscription, but spot a favorite model in a POTD image, and choose to rebill another month to see that shoot
  •  Demonstrate model community
    • POTD images are usually showing happy and engaged models (the above image is a quirky counter-example), which is part of the reasons customers choose to buy our material. We’re well-known to look after models, customers like that about us.
  • Provide a sense of “now”
    • There’s a risk with making shoots year round that the date a shoot happens is unrelated to its release date on the site. There are various pressures for releasing shoots, that can result in a shoot being made in January being released in August (or sometimes, later that same January!). POTD images provide a sense of “now”-ness to the site.

The requirements of What makes a good backstage image apply to POTD images of course, but there are two additional considerations:

  1. POTD images must be landscape
  2. POTD images may be seasonal / date-specific moments

Why landscape?

Landscape images makes better use of a landscape-oriented screen, with no wasted space on the sides as a Portrait image does – this ensures maximum impact! We know from research into our customer base and the use of our site, that most use desktop / laptop computers to access (smartphones and tablets are also used, but not as much). For this reason, the slot on the website for POTD is hardcoded for landscape images.

ABOVE: Caisa with Ursula’s dog. A perfect Backstage image, and a suitable POTD.

Seasonal / date specific events

The goal for the majority of content created for abbywinters.com is that it can be relevant 365 days per year – this is why we never do Christmas-themed Girl-Girl shoots, as it makes those scenes less valuable.

However, POTD is designed for single-use on a specific day, so it is appropriate for those images to be seasonal / date-specific.

Suitable events that could be alluded to in POTD include:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • New Year’s eve / day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Burn’s Night
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Talk like a pirate day, or similar Days
  • International Chocolate day
  • International Women’s day
  • Halloween
  • Independence day for a given country
  • Hanukkah
  • Thanksgiving
  • The model’s birthday

ABOVE: [Caroline to define]

Only consider making special seasonal / date-specific POTD images when the CSP or model are suitably informed about the theme, so that POTD is done in an appropriate way that will not cause offence.

For example it’s fine to see a model dressed in green clothes with a sign saying “Happy Saint Patrick’s day!” with her breasts out… but it would not be ok to see a model penetrating herself with a Hanukkah candle!

A model naked in a scarf and hat to mark the winter solstice is fine, a model with ‘black face’ to celebrate Martin Luther King Day is not!

When shooting in real locations CSPs may find that seasonal backstage opportunities are already set up, with no need for additional work. For example some people put decorations up at Christmas time, so it is the work of seconds to snap a naked model by a Christmas tree at the end of the shoot session, although it is even better when the model is wearing a Santa Christmas hat!

ABOVE: [Caroline to define]

Process for seasonal / date-specific POTD images

As always, Backstage images should be ingested along with the rest of a shoot-day’s stills media, and POTD will be extracted from that by the person administering POTD, without the need for the CSP to do anything differently.

With seasonal / date-specific images, CSP’s need to email those images directly to their main AW contact (in addition to ingesting them via the usual method), at the same time sample images are sent for that shoot.

 Template for emailing Seasonal / date-specific POTD images

Subject: Seasonal / date-specific POTD for (<date as 23-Jun-2018>)


On set today we shot some backstage images based around <seasonal / date-specific> for use as a POTD soon.

The images are attached.

<your name>

If possible, allow at least 3 week days from sending the email, before the Seasonal / date-specific event occurs (if we miss it, we’ll store it for next year).

Model’s Birthdays

If a model is being shot on or around her birthday, a CSP might decide to surprise her on-set with a candle-in-a-cup-cake, birthday balloon or similar.

ABOVE: [to be defined by Caroline]

This sort of thing makes great Backstage (and POTD) content, but check with the model if they are comfortable for us to reveal when her birthday is before taking the images.

We would not share the models exact birthday in the post (without her permission) but we would post the image as close to the event as possible and would never lie and suggest a models birthday was on a date we knew it was not.

The text accompanying such an image might read

Gemma B was surprised on set this week with a special cake for her birthday – as if we would forget!

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