February 7, 2019 What makes a good backstage image?

Why do we take backstage images?

Backstage images are important content for the company, for a few reasons.

Unique content for customers

Primarily, Backstage images are content for customers to enjoy. Each week, a new Backstage set of around 100 images (covering around a dozen shoots) are released. Backstage imagesets are released several years after the shoot itself is released, so the imagery causes customers to rediscover older shoots and extract value from them.

Model recruitment

Capturing the positive atmosphere on set in Backstage images can help demonstrate to prospective models the merits of modeling with abbywinters.com. We use the very best Backstage images to illustrate FAQ’s and as fun filler material on model-facing sites.

Model reinforcement and community

After a model decides to work with us, we typically offer more work over the following year (or more). By including Backstage images in our Models Newsletter, we help models discover new friends and share in a sense of community.

Reinforcing our nice treatment of models, for customers

We know our customers return to abbywinters.com in part because of our positive treatment of models, meaning images depicting happy, engaged and comfortable on-set models helps the company to gain and retain customers by reinforcing our approach in this area.

Promote upcoming shoots to customers

Backstage images in Picture Of The Day (POTD) are a great way to promote upcoming shoots to customers. Seeing a glimpse of an appealing model on a shoot “today” may help a customer to decide to remain a rebilling customer for another cycle.

There is a Backstage SDLP dedicated to creating Backstage images, and all CSPs are required to pass this before they create their first shoot.

Check out the Great backstage examples blog for inspiration, this is updated each month with new images of ideal attributes.

What sort of images should be included in backstage?

  • Customers love seeing some of the process of shooting, eg models selecting clothes, lights being set up, paperwork being completed, models getting ready.


  • Customers prefer nude models in Backstage images!

  • Customers want to see models genuinely having fun – the best Backstage images are not posed, but candid

  • Customers enjoy getting a flavor for what took place in the main shoot (a teaser) but no spoilers

  • Models engaging directly with the camera makes customers feel ‘spoken to’, and part of the fun

  • Backstage images need to be “on paradigm” – models smoking, showing tattoos, looking bored are no go!

  • Consider giving a camera to the model(s) and ask her to have fun with it taking selfies while the CSP is busy setting up the main scene. This is a good way to lighten the CSP workload, and will help to keep the model occupied when the CSPs mind is occupied elsewhere! 

  • Encourage models to let their imagination run wild!

  • If a model feels comfortable – pee pictures are perfect!

  • Whenever a model stops for a drink, take a backstage snap

  • During a shoot a CSP will likely reach for a reflector at some point. While the scene is stopped – a backstage picture is a great idea.

  • Models posing with the camera is always fun!

  • Female shoot producers who feel comfortable appearing on camera also make great content!

  • On Intimate Moment days – CSPs should shoot the model in the space for Backstage before and after the scene.

  • CSPs should keep the camera to hand at all times so that spontaneous moments are not missed!

  • If there is a holiday coming up, seasonal images can be really fun! When CSPs take date-specific images, they need to send them directly to their Trainer after the shoot (see the POTD blog for more information on this), when they send their sample images. 

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